Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cruising at High Altitude

Everything is going so well and we feel we are right on track for opening our storefront next month.

Mark and Carol (John's folks who drove out from Mo.) have been here for over 3 weeks and just left for home yesterday. What a tremendous turn around we made in that short time. They arrived when the sheet rock had not even been put up yet! They helped us with everything from the wood fence, painting, interior trim work, hard wood floors, frp installation in the kitchen and bath, venting out the attic, cleaning up the grounds, digging out the summertime patio just to name a few....

Our friend Jackey came in to put the most beautiful finish on the oven. She and Dawn are trying to clean up Keith's paint lines.....this will take some time.

The best news is that we were able to fire the oven 2 days before they left! Mark and Carol lit the first fire to start curing out the oven. We are now on day 4 of curing (drying out the moisture from the mortar and concrete), building small fires each morning and night. We feel this will be a 10 day process before we can really crank it up.

All the sinks and espresso machine will be installed today and tomorrow and the electrical will be finished up this week as well.

We are so close! I will let the pics. do the rest.

Keith and John
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  1. Looking forward to the opening of your retail location. Now I have a new destination for bike rides. Purchased some of your scones at the Salem Public Market on Sat., they were the perfect texture and lightness. Hope to have your other bread products soon.