Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Bridge We Can Burn (or an arch anyway...)

Today was a major milestone. What was originally going to take 3 weeks (mortaring in the dome of the oven - 8' wide and 10' deep) was whittled down to 2-3 days due to the new design. Even better than we thought.....14,000 lbs. of brick, 25 arches and a few finger smashes in 6 hours!! A nap and several Tylenol followed suit.

We worked very hard to get to this point in the game. We have been anticipating the arches for some time. So enough talk...here are a few photos:

And a few more...

Obviously, there are more things to get done before we get baking: chimney, insulating, framing, curing, etc. But we really turned a corner today. As far as the rest of the bakery goes, everything is coming along. Donavan and the rest of the guys are working hard to get the doors hung, the insulation in, the drywall hung, etc. The final electrical inspection will happen within the week. And we've shifted our "vision" attention to arbors off the west side of the building. It's our way to start planning the next project before the current one is even finished. It's that forward motion that keeps us moving.

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  1. I'm amazed your brick oven is moving along so swiftly. Sounds like a lot of blood, sweat and probably a few tears. So happy for the both of you and everyone involved. 'If you build it, they will come'. Such fine products to come out of the venture and straight from the heart.