Saturday, January 30, 2010

Somewhere between What Used To Be and What Quite Isn't Yet

We're still toiling along here in Falls City. Much has been accomplished though not much looks any different at this point. It's amazing how much work is involved in just getting the actual work done. And it's also amazing how, even though you think you've thought of everything, there's so much you don't even know you're supposed to think of to begin with. I suppose my amazement has everything to do with doing this for the first time.

The electricians began their work this last week. If you want to feel really stupid, just spend some time with an electrician. Any time you start thinking you've got the world by the tail and you're all hip and up to date with technology and stuff, just consider that every last bit of your prowess to do whatever it is you do with computers or phones or even just lighting up a room hinges on the magic of plugging something in. MAGIC. That's what it is. Magic on the other side of the outlet, magic on the other side of the phone jack. We're nothing without this magic and the magicians who make it all so easy for us. All I know about electric is that I want to be able to dim the lighting over the production area in the evenings so the visual attention will subtly shift to the pendant lights over the bar and the halogen spotlights will illuminate the wall art in a more dramatic fashion. The magicians tell us we'll need to add more circuits. We agree. Nothing exceeds like excess, you know. We have the circuit conversation a few times and now the magicians tell us we need to upgrade our panel (well, that and we'll need to spend another thousand dollars). When shopping for light fixtures, I want to think - "this fixture only comes with 3 spotlights, so I'll just buy 2 more and add them to the track." One would think "what could be easier"? One would be wrong. Now the magicians are talking to us about the wattage limits on our favorite fixtures. I don't mean to come off as a complete incompetent here. I've installed my fair share of fixtures and replaced more than my fair share of outlets. And I did watch as the service to my 100 year old home was upgraded to 200 amps just 2 years ago. I don't really know what that means other than that my ability to plug in more things safely increased at that time. But doesn't that count for something? I suppose that what it accounts for is the importance of realizing that there is and always will be something more to learn, something beyond the limits of what we currently know and have experienced. Something that might even exist outside of and beyond ourselves. It may be enough just to be thankful that there are magicians out there who make sense of what lies, for whatever reason, beyond our grasp.

This coming week will be more electrical work and the plumbing (don't even get me started on the plumbing magic...). Our mason is back from his week away and so the work of building the actual "oven" will commence now that the foundation pad and support walls are in place. We'll get reacquainted with the concrete truck and the pump truck and look forward to seeing them again yet a third time once the oven dome is done. Donavan and his crew will be working hard inside finishing up some new walls, installing some new doors and making the electrician and plumber's work a little easier. In the meantime, Keith will be increasing production to accommodate adding the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market this coming weekend. We'll be in Corvallis every Saturday through the 1st weekend of March.

The search for a mixer will continue. And the need to purchase plumbing and lighting fixtures will become more urgent this week. Somehow it will all happen. We're sure of that. As sure as we are that Spring's arrival is closer with each passing day. The daffodils are farther out of the ground and in greater numbers. The winter jasmine is threatening cheerful yellow blooms and the fragrance of winter daphne is now almost undeniable. Goodness is all around.

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